G Eazy: Live @ The Howler, Melbourne.

A wise man once said "The best shows to play are the small, intimate ones". They allow for minimal bullshit, maximum crazy and the best atmosphere. Whoever said that was beyond correct. G-Eazy live at The Howler 
in Melbourne last night was next level. 

Hundreds of local Melbourne fans crawled their way out from the underground for an intimate 10pm show on
a Monday night (of all nights). However, when G' took the stage It didn't matter what day of the week it was,
he swiftly turned the place upside down In true rockstar style with no need for validation. 


Young Gerald came out swinging. His boundless swagger, talent and prowess was simply oozing out of him throughout the entire duration of his set, but all n'all, he strongly reaffirmed his position as one of the most talented creative individuals in music today. Since the spawn of his viral singles such as "Runaround Sue"
in 2011, to late records like "Let's Get Lost" in 2014, G' has been on a clear rise to legendary-stardom-status. 
Voted as the most aspiring new artist of 2014 thanks to the success of a top selling debut album, These Things Happen, and a sold out world tour, G' really does belong at the top. Furthermore, it's obvious there's really not much separating him and the rest of the world, especially when he's garnished most of his success to date without any major label support. Second to all of this, Gerald Gillum's degree in Musical Studies has seen him quietly set the standard for the rise of 'educated musicians' on the come-up in today's fast changing music industry, thus fuelling labels to tailor their deals towards the specific business economics of a particular artist – not the other way around.

The Oakland native truly is a modern-day Rolling Stone, he proved this without question last night.

The conceptually talented lyricist was on form throughout his entire set, speeding things up for those hard-hitting tracks like, "Lotta That", "Loaded" and "I Mean it", then slowing things down with some Endless Summer classics juxtaposed with recent tracks like "Complete", "Been On" and "Downtown Love" (in no particular order). G's smooth tounge-rolling skills were in non-stop full swing as he effortlessly owned his set, the entire venue and everyone in it. However most importantly, G' was supported by his famous slicked-back hair style 
(and further supported by his talented DJ and Drummer, Blizzy).

Last night at The Howler, Melbourne finally had the opportunity to be a part of G-Eazy's wild adventures that successfully convey the manifestation of his ecstatic and tumultuous life touring the world. In-between songs G' shared with the crowd his recent experience and gratitude for all of the hype at his recent shows in New Zealand and Australia. His hypnotic conversational pieces were of a humble nature and cleverly eased into the next song on the set list, all the while everyone (mostly ladies) were constantly screaming his name.

Australia, you have some of the most beautiful women in the world!

Cue track: Tumblr Girls

It couldn't have gone down any smoother than the Whiskey he was drinking on stage. G' was clever about how he did it, and pulled it off with more ease than it would take for him to steal your girlfriend without you noticing. If you ever get the opportunity to go see G-Eazy in the flesh, do it – a must-see show anywhere in the world.
If you've got a girl, take her with you (although make sure she goes bra-less), and if you're a single lass, make sure you push your way to the front so G' can feed off of your #swoon.

What the fuck do you want me to say?

 These Things Happen. 

New Music: Post Malone, White Iverson

Every once in a while you'll be lucky to find a gem among the infinite pool of Soundcloud links floating around the internet. Post Malone's latest record "White Iverson" aims to be that diamond in the rough. If FKI's opening drums fail to catch you, just wait for Malone's melodic verses' to paint the backdrop for your imagination.

Through continuous synths, soft melodies that seem limitless and some clever production, Malone has truly created a beautiful atmospheric record. "White Iverson" has racked up just under 200k plays on Soundcloud within a week, and has been going somewhat viral via Twitter – which means you should definitely be on the lookout for Malone's next move.

There's not that much information out about Malone at the moment, other than the fact that he currently resides in Los Angeles and has grabbed the attention of many. In the mean time, do yourself a favor – give the comparisons a rest for the time being; just enjoy this one and vibe out like we did. 

West Coast Enlightenment: Boogie and Kendrick Lamar Release Powerful, Socially-Fueled Tracks

While he’s off the topic of social media thirst, Boogie is back and killing it, as we knew he would. On his new track, “Further”, off his upcoming project, The Reach, Boogie raps about the struggles of living in Compton and Long Beach, and more specifically gang violence. 

The emotional track is introduced by news coverage of Tiana Ricks’ tragic death. Being that Boogie is a father himself, we can only imagine what this local story means to him and how the events on that day have fuelled
 his inspiration for the track.

Once the eerie Keyel-produced beat drops, Boogie fires bars about feeling stuck in the vicious cycle of his neighborhood and reflects on his experiences. “The homie got killed, it seems like everything’s gone/ Know
the cycle ain’t broke, know we forever need loans,” he raps. 

D’anna Stewart joins Boogie on the soulful hook and sings, “I keep reaching for the clouds, and they just keep moving further.” After the hook, the reporters’ voices cut in and out rapidly, just as the mind process of Boogie and all witnesses to such adversity. 

In his final verse, Boogie and his son are threatened by a gang member, and he contemplates whether or not
to act violently. In concern for his son, Boogie falls back into the violent cycle and concludes, “I gotta get with
it before lives start stretching/ You know words don’t matter, that’s life’s hard lesson.” Though in different form, this is the same storytelling and personal Boogie we loved from Thirst 48

Just a few hours after Boogie dropped his new gem, another of our favorite west coast MCs, Kendrick Lamar, returned with a new politically-charged track. His new offering, “The Blacker The Berry” is more aggressive, down to the Boi-1da produced instrumental, than just about anything we’ve heard from K Dot before. 

In his first verse, Kendrick raps (almost in a screaming cadence) from the perspective of an angry activist, who addresses typical black stereotypes. His second verse touches the struggles of blacks to advance in society, being held back by racists and even the church.

I’m African-American, I’m African/ I’m black as the moon, heritage of a small village/ Pardon my residence, came from the bottom of mankind/ My hair is nappy, my dick is big, my nose is round and wide.

To cap off the song, Kendrick explores a more controversial line of thought—that perhaps those who perpetuate black stereotypes and are riled up about white on black murder (by police, or otherwise) are actually hypocrites. “So why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street/ When gang banging makes me kill a n**** blacker than me/ Hypocrite!” Before we could even process what was said, Terrance Martin and the rest
of the band who produced Kendrick’s upcoming record launch into an instrumental Jazz-break. 

It’s a lot to process, but just after a few hours with these two tracks, we believe these are two of the best songs we’ve heard all year, and we cannot wait to be further enlightened. Boogie’s reflection on his community and Kendrick’s outright disgust for inequality are two stances on a very important issue. These will certainly be things on our minds for a long time, and will hopefully be expanded upon on each artists’ future albums—
which we also can't wait to hear.

Who is Phoebe Ryan?

She’s an fantastic new artist, with incredible talent and even better hair – that’s who Phoebe Ryan is.

Ryan came through to us via a recommendation, and somewhat blew our minds a little bit. It turns out, Ryan’s brand new single Mine, is only a few days old but has somehow cranked up nearly 70k plays on Soundcloud. Impressed yet? I doesn't really matter if you’re not, because HypeMachine thinks she’s impressive, and a hell of a lot of other people do as well. 

With such a powerful and stylistic voice, Ryan’s ability to bring melodies to her bodies of work put her right at the pinnacle of the iceberg, ready for huge success. Her charisma is striking (yes, the badass hair style is inclusive of that), but it’s her unique ability to harmonise all of her talents and characteristics that embody her as a new, unique and beautiful artist. 

Ryan has been working on collaborations with a diverse range of other artists recently, including a feature on track #2 of Skizzy’s upcoming E.P The Red Balloon Project,  and pop artist Bea Miller. Apparently she’s ‘armed with a wealth of original material’ and based off Mine and her remix to Ignition, by R.Kelly, we wouldn’t be surprised. 

Based now in L.A and N.Y.C, the talented songstress has a talent for echoing harmonies, melodies, hooks and feminist' lyrics that are all cleverly laid on top of explosive electric-pop style instrumentals with poise, style and grace – just like her hair, It’s a little mesmerising.

Phoebe Ryan is bringing new life into the Pop genre, and you should be excited about it.

The 1975: Live In Melbourne

Alright I’m gonna need everyone on the floor to take one step backwards so these girls at the front can breathe and don’t need to get lifted out of the crowd by security … oh wait, there goes one, bye darlin’ (security guard lifts a girl out of the crowd), give her a hand guys, (crowd erupts in laughter and starts clapping), see ya lata’. Alrighty then, let’s ava’ dance Melbourne

(Cue: Heart Out).

And this is how it starts ...

Matt Healy, the now-legendary front man for the U.K based Indie Pop-Rock band, The 1975, were on form at Festival Hall last night in Melbourne, Australia. The band came out rocking, bopping and popping – and didn’t stop throughout their whole 15-20 track set (we lost count).

Healy’s energy on stage was contagious, his vocals were perfection and his style was atmospheric. The entire
band made their presence felt the second they entered the hall and made their entire set look ‘far to easy’.
The crowd erupted into a defining raw of screams from every direction that never really stopped throughout
the entire duration of the show, which is exactly what you’d expect from a band that has averaged about
180 shows a year – over the past three to four years. The 1975 have truly become one of the most successful 
(and popular) bands today – and their wild show in Melbourne on the 15th of January proved this
without reason.

The Indie-Pop-Rock four piece opened up with The City, followed by basically every song they have out at the moment, and ending on the hard hitting favourites, Chocolate and Sex (which went down very well in contrast, just for the record). One thing the audience undoubtedly took away from the show was the impeccable talent of each band member combined with the intelligence, attitude and conceptual depth of artistry, of Matt Healy.
Healy, in his heart and soul, truly is a real musician – whose wide range of talents actually know no bounds.
He was profoundly amazing to witness in the flesh, and more than worth going back to see live, again, and again.

In true ‘Rock N/ Roll’ fashion, Healy managed to make his way through roughly 4-8 cigarettes on stage ….
and half a bottle of (something) …. all whilst performing at the same time of course. He was always seen dancing, singing and rocking around onstage, chugging back a shot from a bottle and puffing on cigarettes,
quite literally, in-between song verses whilst continuing to hit those high-notes in those hard-hitting choruses. 
An impressive array of skills if you ask us – go hard  Matty.

The 1975 live is simply a must-see show for any and all music lovers. But hot-damn, that man knows how
to turn a performance into an absolute indie-rock-fuelled-screaming-rage-fest.

Introducing Favela, "Gong"

All about the ambient ...

Just before the New Year, we were blessed to discover a real gem: “Gong” by Leeds producer Favela. The track features a beautiful composition, made up of a serene guitar harmony, lush synths and a continuous contrasting drum bounce in the background. Very much like Tim Bettinson, the extremely talented young man behind
Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Favela joins the production with soulful vocals that only further the story of the beat.
He sings, “Lay it on, flash it on, look from beneath/and what do you perceive to be/no one’s pressures.” The song then climaxes with what Favela perceives himself to be; “I’m gonna be a banging gong, or a crashing cymbal.”

Though “Gong” never quite bangs or crashes, it is a great example of how amazing ambient alternative can be. Multi-layered beats and thought provoking lyrics define the genre, and Favela damn near transcended it with this new track! We look forward to hearing more from him in 2015.

Introducing Genevieve, “Colors"

This summer, we were taken aback by Ryn Weaver and her undeniably genius EP, Promises. And now, we’re digging another new soon-to-be pop-star, Wind Up Records’ Genevieve, and her debut single, “Colors.” Genevieve is an L.A based singer, who we had the pleasure to see live earlier this year during her impressive opening set for Ryan Star at the Bowery Ballroom.  

On “Colors,” Genevieve sings about common struggles with an uplifting and inspirational message. In the first verse she sings, “I wake up thinking ‘bout my purpose, I wonder if I’m really worth it.” Backed with distorted guitars, electronic keyboards and synths, and a boom-bap beat, she reaches a conclusion: “Your life is your design, go ahead design it…you’re forever lost until you go and find it.” On the chorus, she repeatedly chants, “Show your true colors, girl,” over the upbeat instrumental.

While we’re so used to artists preaching inauthentic lyrics and ideas—unless you’re talking about Bobby Shmurda—Genevieve encourages her audience to “show your colors” and do nothing less on her very first
song released. If this isn’t the positivity Pharrell hoped to bring back to the mainstream, we don’t know what is.

We, here at UX, could not be happier with the recent onslaught of talented female pop artists, and we are particularly looking forward to hearing Genevieve’s upcoming EP, Colors! Hopefully it has some of the awesome vocal loops we loved at her live show. Until then, you keep in touch with Genevieve on Facebook and Twitter.

JMSN – Blue Album


The color sparks endless images and emotions, much like the vast instrumentation and melodies of JMSN’s newest effort, Blue Album. If you don’t know the genius that is JMSN, we are happy to introduce to you one of the great talents of soul music. JMSN is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/composer currently residing in Los Angeles who has featured on classic albums like good kid m.A.A.d city (you can hear him distinctly on “Sing About Me” at around 6:18), and made some unreal music and accompanying videos over the past few years.
For those of you who are already familiar with JMSN, his impeccable debut Priscilla, and follow-up Pllaje,
you are in for another treat. Blue Album is one of the best, most cohesive albums released in 2014.


On Blue Album, JMSN sings about relationships and personal struggles and stays true to his core multilayered R&B/Soul sound, through a mix of some more live instruments—the cymbals and snares never sounded so rock! The album’s intro, “My Way,” sounds like the musical lovechild of Jeff Buckley and Luther Vandross, in the greatest way possible. “Bout It” starts with just keyboards, hi-hats, and a lowkey harmony, and then peaks
with beautiful falsetto, more explosive drums, epic strings and an addictive vocal sample. On “Waves,” JMSN combines a groovy bass-line with some sick tropical vibes (that rattling drum in the background is almost as catchy as the hook!). The second half of the album is almost entirely made up of classic slow R&B jams with personal and apologetic lyrics; “Delay” is one of our favorites, by far.

Money gonna bring me down, thinking ‘bout the things I need/ But ain’t it funny? That nothing in this life comes free/ So I’m chasing money, cause you know it doesn’t grow on trees…They say that cash is king/ And that you’ll never stop needing ends

JMSN's talent, quite literally, knows no bounds. His beautiful yet charismatic voice floats effortlessly from every note and melody in every track on this truly incredible opus. It's not hard to recognise that every single piece of Blue Album has been slaved over in search of musical perfection. We believe it will be a timeless classic. 

The singles released prior to the album still hold up well after heavy play, too. The minimal “Street Sweeper” knocks in the whip and on an intimate date. The song touches JMSN’s obsession with a woman, and the remix featuring Fools Gold’s Freddie Gibbs delves deeper into the subject. “Ends (Money)” might be the most socially conscious song of the year, and is accompanied by another swooping hip-hop beat and a genius video that you must see.

Honestly, there’s not much else to say about this album. JMSN took his years of experience as a true artist and crafted a sonically superior album, and we’re beyond impressed. Though, unfortunately, Blue Album leaked about two months prior to its December 9 release date, that all you real music lovers (like us) will go out and support this amazing record and catch JMSN on tour soon!

Logan – FeedYourCity

There must be something in the water…the LA hip-hop scene is booming with amazing new talent!
We’ve already put you on to Boogie, D. Niro and KR, and now we’re excited to share with you another
aspiring rapper out of LA, Logan.

By chance, we came across Logan’s debut single/video, “TMD,” a couple months ago and we honestly cannot stop watching and listening. On his first single, Logan combines a stunting hook with hard hitting 808s and sporadic hi hats and snares. It will without a doubt be stuck in your head by the second listen. He states his godliness and shouts out Lil Wayne in his verses, which are complemented by the craziness and hilarity of
the video. The damn thing starts with a house exploding, for god’s sake. Definitely a must see!

At the beginning of the month, Logan dropped his first album, FeedYourCity, which is an interesting and mostly trap-inspired debut project. The tape’s intro, “HYB,” is goes just as hard as “TMD,” and shows Logan’s range of flow. However, Logan does not seize every moment to turn up on FeedYourCity, like he does on “TMD,” and it pays off every time. When Logan gets personal and sing-raps about women, he shines the brightest. 

On “This Lude” he auto-tune croons, “I don’t mean to doubt you, I ain’t perfect girl/ You know I got a few trust issues,” which hits the heart enough before the beat breaks down to minimal kick drums and keys, and then comes all the way back to a beautiful boom bap composition. Logan has a pure 808s & Heartbreak-type moment on the second verse of “The One,” jumping out of the chorus with an intense delivery and even more meaningful lyrics. You really have to just sit and run this one back a few times.

There’s no better, girl I should know better/ But girl if I’m loving you, I can’t do no better/ Girl I’m a go-getter, I gotta get it, I gotta get it/ When you’re around, I gotta hit it, I gotta hit it/ Can’t be a rapper and old n**** shit, I admit it…Wanna be with you, girl/ Wanna be with you, girl/ I know, but maybe I don’t/ Maybe I’ll find you when I found out, that I’m looking at The One

By the tail-end of FeedYourCity, Logan takes us on an even deeper emotional journey. He delves into his insecurities and demons on the outro, “Wale’s Outro (God & I).” “Self-hate, it fills up my mouth sometimes/
I even doubt my rhymes,” he raps. 

FeedYourCity is certainly not the best or most introspective project of 2014. However, the production remains cohesive throughout, despite some changes in style from song to song. It is also undeniable that there are unique feelings Logan put into this album—whether it be confidence or sadness—and they come across on all
10 tracks. We find this to be a strong, strong debut for Logan, as we’ve learned a lot about him and can’t get over his “AY!” ad-lib that reminds us of a more lively Chance the Rapper. We commend Logan on his creativity—the artwork, videos and skits he used and made for this project are impeccable—and look forward to seeing him progress even further as an artist.

Grab your copy of FeedYourCity here (for free), and thank us later.

D. Niro, & Those West Coast Nikes

Allow us to introduce you to one of Los Angeles’ most captivating new artists, D. Niro. D. Niro is a young-gun
on the come up, looking to shake up the rap game with his captivating stories – from the streets to the
county jail, with what we’re calling a dope 'new' and 'inventive' West Coast sound.

Niro just dropped his first street single, “Get To It,” which is very representative of all this, and it’s one of the most mature sounding first releases we’ve heard in some time. The production features a smooth laid back synth pad, skittering hi-hats, and precise snare hits. While “Get To It” has got that chill vibe, it definitely knocks, and is most definitely car/club ready. 

On the track, Niro raps about his steady grind, overcoming all obstacles and shouts out the ladies.
His flow starts as a catchy sing-rap (Drake fans will like this) from the chorus—“Go through a lot but I get through it/ Nikes on my feet man I just do it/ I be on my grind I gotta get to it”—and transitions effortlessly into the second verse when he touches on relationships. We’re most impressed here, Niro raps, “See me and baby got a bond, I’m not trying to break it/ After five heartbeats with her, you know mine is racing/ But if a heart’s a house of love, you know mine is vacant/ Nobody never gave me shit, and that’s why I’m gonna take it.” with diverse lyrical flow. We’re not going to get into the genius of Niro’s technical skills, wordplay and metaphors, but you Hip-Hop heads out there will definitely get it.

Been through a lot, but I’m still improving … watch me get to it

If you need a little bit more than some coffee to … 'get to it' … today, then you know what to do. The UntitledX team are excited to hear D. Niro’s full debut project, which is expected sometime in the coming months that features some A-list Rappers and Producers. Make sure you follow Niro here for updates. 

Luke James – Luke James

R&B has seen new life in the decade or so. With the great popularity of R. Kelly and Usher in the early 2000s,
the autotuning T-Pain and Chris Brown in the late 2000s, and now stars like Jhene Aiko, Frank Ocean and
The Weeknd, R&B has not been as prominent in years! Behind these shining singers, though, is a new
class of soulful serenaders - BJ The Chicago Kid, Elijah Blake and now, Island Records' Luke James

Born and raised in New Orleans, 30 year old Luke James has been a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles now for years. He’s written (and opened for) Tyrese, as well as Britney Spears and Keri Hilson. James inked a solo deal with Island Def Jam back in 2011, coming off the hype of his #Luke mixtape and single "I Want You," which would go on to receive a 2013 Grammy Nomination. Since then, it's been a waiting game for James' debut to be finalized and released. This year, after dropping the Rick Ross assisted "Options," James and Island decided on September 23rd for his debut. While it was a roller coaster for this record to finally come to fruition, it was well worth the wait; Luke James might just be the best R&B album of the year. 

The album features concise, minimal instrumentals, which often times explode into multi-layered choruses. Take the lead single, “Options,” for example; the track starts with a simple piano riff, and transforms into a monstrous head bopper featuring live guitars and knocking hip-hop hi-hats. James’ lyrics range from super confident- “I stepped up to her, asked ‘what’s your size?’”- to relatable relationship mess-ups-"I know I messed up when I missed your birthday.”

Including disco/80s-pop inspired tracks like "Dancing in the Dark" and "Expose," as well as modernized- but not compromising or trend following- R&B/Hip-Hop crossovers such as "Options" and "The Run," Luke James delivers a collection of beautiful love songs that evoke emotion, whether you’re doing imaginary pull-ups to the bass hits on “The Run” or slow-dancing to James’ chilling cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” 

Even though Luke James is not the conceptual masterpiece that say, channel, ORANGE is, it is an awesome collection of breakup songs (see: "Options," “Glass House” and "Exit Wounds") and baby-making soul music (see: "Dancing in the Dark," “Make Love to Me” and "I Want You").  For someone who opened for Beyonce on her last solo world tour, James deserves a comparison to Queen B, rather than his male R&B counterparts. Like Bey, James has an impeccable voice that cannot be mistaken for anyone else’s, and we're all looking forward to hearing what comes next!